LaborKey PerCaps training for State Feds, CLCs and ALFs

Labor Key

LaborKey PerCaps training for State Feds, CLCs and ALFs

last update on: 03/09/2022



LaborKey PerCaps (LK) is an affiliate database management system built specifically to handle per caps process for our SF/CLCs 

The primary features you'll learn about are:

  • Per capita and assessment payment tracking,
  • Per capita statements, analysis and audit reports, and
  • Automated delegate eligibility/credentials and voting
  • Strength tracking and reporting
  • Real time accuracy and transparency - up and down!

Why is LK important?  

  • Annual Report Sync in Real Time--Less work
  • National Pay Auto Updates
  • Better data, more efficiently
  • Transparency
  • Flexible--if local pays for a full year, it auto populates $ amount and member count. Quarterly and annually
  • Local orgs say it saves them 10 hours or more of work per month!

What's in the training: 

  • 3 Learning Modules
    • Module 1 -- LaborKey Getting Started Clips -- short clips on each functionality (5--10 min each) 
    • Module 2 -- Deep Dives of important functionality, (1 hr, prerecorded)  
    • Module 3 -- Full training demo (1.5 hours prerecorded) 

Get started learning how to use LaborKey PerCaps!